Friday, June 27, 2008

Your It!

I have been tagged by my friend menardness,
So here is little about MYSELF. And Like April said I understand everyone is only here to hear about Baker but a little Kristin wont kill you all :)
Here is how it works..3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/ collections, 3 surprise facts about you & then 3 people you want to tag!

3 joys:
1. Being a mom- I couldnt ask for anything better. Seeing Baker smile every morning when I go to pick him up out of bed makes me the happiest girl alive. Having someone love you that much is just the best feeling.
2. Laying in the sun - I cant get enough sun. I put Baker to nap and run out side to lay out for at least a half hour. It calms me. I enjoy swiming being at the river just anything in the sun.
3. Family - I love being with as much family as possible. Throw me into a room with all my aunts, uncles and cousins and my brothers and I am at piece. Its the people who really love you and would be there for you no matter what!

3 fears:
1. Staying alone - I hate when Tyson is gone at night. It has only really happened 3 times since we started dating but I freak out! I leave the TV's on the lights on and the dogs in my bed. I just hate even thinking about maybe staying alone
2. Being a bad wife - I dont cook, I hate cleaning, I barley make it out of bed in the morning. What the heck does Tyson see in me. I am always worried I'm not doing enough. I'm lucky he loves me for my looks :) haha
3. Losing someone I really love - I have been fortunate enough to not really lose anyone super close to me. Losing a Parent, Sibling, Child, Husband is something that I cant even imagine ever happening. Its something I have seen friends go through and thank god that I have been lucky enough to still have everyone close to me!

3 goals
1. Go back to school - Someday I would like to take some classes at CC and at least get my AA. I want to be able to say I finished school somewhere. Im still very interested in someday maybe teaching Pre-school.
2. Move into the home of our dreams - Tyson and I both have a goal to someday buy some land and build our own home. We want our kids to be able to go outside and ride motorcyles and 4 wheel and just run around everywhere. WE want to wake up and look out our window and see nothing but Mountains.
3. Have a little girl - I would love to have at least one more child. If its a girl I would be so thankful and be done. If its another boy I would be very happy and then think about adopting a little girl. Im not sure Im willing to chance having three boys :) I have such a wonderful relationship with my mom I really want to share that same relationship with a daughter.

3 current obsessions/collections
1. Bakers birthday party - I think about it pretty much all day everyday! Who is coming what are we doing. Would this be good, no this is better. I just want it to be perfect and I have to realize its going to be great. Baker is going to be one no matter what kind of party I have!
2. Golf - Well I cant do anything half ass. I either have to be good at it or I dont want to do it. SO since Tyson has decided to take up golf I can either learn to play or sit alone all day. I chose to play. I suck so I am now obsessed with getting better.
3. Amazon shopping - Oh gosh this is a great inventions. Everything you need on one website. I love it. I think between Tyson and I we get something from Amazon delivered to our house everyday. I get everything for Baker off there, from clothes to diapers to formula. Everything. Its really awesome plus we get free second day air on alot of things.

3 surprise Facts
1. Im not looking forward to a swimsuit this year. I am so worried about the day that someone other then my husband see's me I almost pass out when thinking about it. I have never been one to be self concious or worried about my body but after having a baby its just nothing is the same. Its really been hard for me.
2. I feel lucky to have my husband everyday! He is the greatest guy. He does all the things I hate to do and still loves me the same. He gets up early wtih Baker on the weekends to let me sleep and he doesnt even ask to go out with his frineds. He loves being a dad and staying home with his family. He reminds me how much he loves me everyday. He is the best!
3. I want to be pregnant again - I really feel like its time to start trying again. Baker will be a year soon and I really miss having a baby! I don't want to put any pressure on myself to try try try like last time. But I would like to be pregnant sometime by the end of this year. I want my kids to be close in age and not have a huge gap in time. I feel ready physicaly and mentaly.

3 tags
I have to do the only 3 people on my list that havent already done a tag blog.
Gina, Leah, and Susy.
April made me feel quilty so the rest of you should feel pressure to do it too since your my only blogger friends!


april said...

i'm so excited you're trying! i'll be sending baby dust your way!

also golf is so fun. i tend to get frustrated whenever i play though cuz i'm not very good and i can't seem to get better(i took a class but it was years ago and doesn't help anymore,lol). did you watch tiger at the open this year? it was the first game/match/w/e that i ever watched and it was actually pretty 'intense' :)

Joe & Gina said...

I guess I'm still "it" huh...
I just did a tag your it thing, and I'm afraid if I keep posting them they'll just keep coming and it will consume my time and steal Hailey's thunder. :) I love your answers!
We aren't even considering backing out for Baker's birthday. I got him one present already, can't wait to give it to him. And thanks, but you aren't booking our room... give us the name and we'll do it. Joe is going to call Tyson! :|