Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Starting from the begining

Well since I didn't get to start this blog at the begining of everything I thought since i don't have anything new to write today that I would start at the begining and then kinda catch everyone up on our last 11 months.
Ill start with Baker being born. It was August 2nd 2007 4:00 in the afternoon and I began to have what I thought might be contractions. I was getting my hair done so I decided to push through the cramping and let Micky finish my hair so if I did go into labor I would of course look Beautiful. haha little did I know that isnt possible. So I get done with my hair and go home to my husband who thinks it isnt contractions and I'm just getting anxious. Again I had thought I was in Labor for the past 3 weeks so I understand his thinking. So finally after timing my contractions for 5 hours we decided it was probably time to go to the hospital. So we get there and they hook me up to the machines and call my Dr. Tyson still won't let me call my mom because for some reason he thinks they are going to send me home. Finally at 11 P.M. they tell me I'm here and Im not leaving without a baby. So I get to call my mom :) Mom and Aunt Debbie come down right away and we are all here its Midnight and the waitting process begins. And we wait and wait and wait. To make a LONG LONG story short. I got an epidural at 2 slept until 5 and waitted for the Dr to come break my water at 9 AM. Yes this is 12 hours from when I first checked into the hospital and Im at 6 CM. Then I go instantly to 10 when my water is broke and I start pushing at around 9:15 AM August 3. Push for an hour and a half and then realize this baby isnt going to come out. Rush down to C section and have him at 10:41 AM Ausgust 3, 2008. WOW that makes me tired thinking about it all again. But man was it worth it. He was adorable from the first second I saw him! And that is where it ALL began!


**susy** said...

awe!!! welcome to the blogging world. i'm here too, lol. look me up if you'd like.

(BBC, myspace)

april said...

what a cute baby boy! i can't believe he's almost a year old. i love that you stayed to get your hair finished! i was always trying to have my hair semi-done those last couple of weeks too so it wouldn't look too bad in the pics.

Also, I didn't say old drivers i said oldER:) but when i told matt what you said matt laughed and said 'well, he is old'. :)