Monday, June 23, 2008

Camping and Birthday Planning


So we attempted our first camping trip with Baker this weekend. The Richards Family had a reunion which as always was an awesome time. We went up to Harris Park so it was close to town and made for an easy drive there and back. Baker did great. He loves new adventures and also loves being outside so he was in baby heaven. Mom and Dad took my nephew Emo up and he had a great time too. We did get to take Grandpa's Motor home up so I guess it wasn't really camping but I did skip a shower Sunday so I felt like I was camping :)
Baker was loving all the attention he was getting. Uncle Mike tried all weekend to get Baker to let him hold him but Baker was just not having it. He loved watching him but didn't want to be held by him. Aunt Eva was really the only one that got him to actually relax and just be held. Now that Baker is walking he just wants to GO GO GO until he falls asleep. Overall great time and loved seeing everyone.


Tyson and I are trying to figure out what to do for Baker's 1st birthday. I never in a million years thought planning a 1st birthday would be so hard. Tyson wants something simple and I of course want to go way over the top and do everything perfect. So I guess we will have to meet in the middle somewhere. We have picked the date and that is about it. That was the easy part. August 3rd is his birthday so we figure we will do it that Saturday. I know we want to do it at our house. That was a compromise by the way. I wanted to rent a place to do it but Tyson wanted to do it at home so I said fine as long as I can do WHATEVER I want at our house. :) So now all the "FUN" stuff starts. Invites, cake, decorations, party bags. I just figured we can't overdue I mean you only get one 1st birthday. And I love parties and having tons of people around. So keep posted to find out more about Baker's First Birthday!


Joe & Gina said...

Yeah, we can't wait for Baker's birthday! I'm sure it's going to be a blast. They do say it's really a party for the adults you know... :)

april said...
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april said...

i did get your e-mail and i sent you one back yesterday...did you not get it?