Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Day of Blogging

Ok so here I am blogging. Like I don't have 100 other things to keep up with. But Gina Hinton's little blog space was so cute I have decided to give it a try. I'm completly confused already but figured I have to just jump in and start posting and things will come to me. So give me some time and hopefully this will get better.


Joe & Gina said...

I love the pic of your little family. I'm looking forward to seeing what's going on in the world of Baker Basel!

april said...

i'm so excited you're doing a blog! i love blogger a million times more than myspace amd i'm actually getting rid of myspace cuz i only have time to update one thing so i'm glad we can still keep in touch!

oh bytheway, matt told me you guys were waiting for me the other day, i had NO idea, i'm so sorry! matt and i got way jumbled on on our plans. Thank you so much for the gifts. Jovie loves the taggie book and don't worry about hergrowing out of those cute shoes anytime soon because they're still too big for her! she has seriously tiny feet.

That is a really cute family pic!

lea said...

Hi Kristin, I saw you started a blog and wanted to tell you that I did, too. I don't spend much time on myspace anymore, so this is a nice way to stay updated. :) Love it, and again, Baker is such a cute lil man.


Mom & Dad said...

Happy Aniversary to Kristin & Tyson
Your very special people and the best parents I've ever seen.
We our very proud of you two and love you very much

Love Mom & Dad Richards