Friday, July 4, 2008

3 years, 11 months and the 4th

3 years:

Tyson and I Celebrated our 3 year anniversary July 2. Man time flys. It seems like just last year we were getting ready to walk down that isle. The good thing is we still love each other and we have really accomplished a lot in the passed 3 years. We understand each other more and enjoy each other more. It is just an always growing relationship. I definitely have days I would love to strangle him :) But we do work together, live together and have a baby together. That's a lot of togetherness even for a married couple. But it works and we love each other no matter what.

11 Months:

Yes my baby turned 11 months July 3rd. He is like a big boy these days. He sleeps all night, he walks all over, he can eat real food and he doesn't even drink out of a bottle anymore. Its all sippy cups. I just didn't think all this would happen so fast. Tyson and I think everyday how lucky we are to have such a good baby. Do we even want to curse all this perfectness with another baby. Its really a scary thought. I didn't think deciding to have another baby would be so much worrying. I thought I new I wanted one and there would be no questions asked. But I just can't decide when or if. I know that if it happened I would be MORE then happy but just planning it again is a little scary.

The 4th:

My favorite holiday ever! I love the 4th of July. Its just a fun celebration. No need to buy presents or rush over to family homes. Its a get drunk, bbq and enjoy your friends kinda day. We are planning to have a few people over and just relax. I got to have 2 4ths this year because yesterday we celebrated with my nephew and brother at my parents and then today its all about friends! We have great friends and being able to sit back at our house and have people over is the best part of the 4th. I'm sure Ill have tons of pics of Baker with his little buddies up soon.

Hope everyone has an awesome 4th and a safe one as well.

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Joe & Gina said...

What a cutie...he's going to break Hailey's heart some day I just know it! :)