Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th of July

So the 4th is my favorite holiday ever. I think I mentioned this before but I totaly love it! So we always try and have friends over and bbq and just have a great time. Well this year it was extra special because I got to share it with my baby Baker! He loved it as much if not more then I did. Which makes me super excited! Ill get to the good stuff now and Post the pics :)

Baker getting ready for the big day!

Baker with the Gisi kids: Micheal and Nora (Bakers Best Friends)

We are all ready for the Fireworks Tyson :)


lea said...

Glad you and the fam had such a great 4th...ours was too. Yeah, we really do share a lot of the same joys, fears, etc., don't we? Maybe from now on I should be asking myself "what would Kristin do?". LOL Feel free to bounce your thoughts off me any time. :)


Joe & Gina said...

We are counting down the days until Baker's birthday!! It sounds like we aren't leaving until Monday. Love the invite by the way. Can't wait!