Monday, August 25, 2008

First trip to the ER

Well Baker had his first trip to the Emergency room last night. He was playing with some of his friends and decided to take a running jump towards mommy, he tripped on a dog and did a face plant right onto the sharp corner of the couch. Pretty much ripping off his eyebrow in the process. I of course freaked out. I tried to wipe away the blood to see if it was really that bad or if the blood just made it look bad. After realizing Baker wasn't going to let me just wipe away the blood I made the decision to take him in to the hospital. He was fine other then the blood running into his eye. He stopped crying and wanted to run around the hospital. I didn't think the hospital would like Bakers Blood everywhere so I had to hold him which really pissed him off. Then his Binky fell on the ground and the nurse said that we couldn't use it anymore. AHHHHH come on no Binky.
To make a long story short we had 20 minutes of hell holding him down to apply the medicine (i said screw the nurse cleaned off the Binky and used that after about 10 minutes of screaming) Then the very nice Dr. came in and literally super glued the cut together. Its about a inch and a half long now and doesn't look pretty at all, but the good news is the Dr said in 15 years you wont even know it happened. Sweet 15 years huh. Anyway my camera's batterie is dead so I haven't got a picture yet but I'm hoping to by the end of the day. Ill post it soon.
P.S. Baker is doing great and spending the morning with his grandpa dan and grandma Dana :) They love the scarface baby even with the cuts :)

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lea said...

Love your ER story. Taryn also just took a trip to the ER...she somehow weaseled her way out of the straps and tray of her highchair, then climbed out landing head first onto our tile floor. All of this happened while I walked away to answer the door! I'll post pics on my blog soon as I get time. Must be the ages of our kids. LOL