Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finger painting

Grandma Dana got Baker a very cool table and chair set for his birthday, along with tons of fun stuff to do projects with. We started off with the baby markers and crayons and moved up to Fingerpainting. He didnt really understand the concept yet but it was super fun to try it with him. And he looked so cute in his smock! When he started eatting the paint I figured that was time to throw in the towel and try again at a later date :) Here are some pics of the differant project times we have had.
P.S. Having a one year old is SOOOO much fun.

These first two pics are us practiing with some little kid markers. I was a little worried about the paint so we decided to practie. The problem was those markers ended up to be more messy then the paint!

Ok let the fingerpainting Begin.

First off we got to but on this really cool smock. I mean this thing covers everything.

So as soon as he put his hand in the paint. The screaming began. He pretty much just wanted to run around outside. He didnt want to sit still and paint.

Ok mom if you wont let me down then I will just EAT the paint. Here is Baker with Paint all in his mouth. Awesome Baker that must taste good!
We will attempt the painting project again in a couple weeks. I will keep you all posted. :)

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Joe and Gina said...

Love the smock! I miss him already, he's SO cute!!