Monday, September 28, 2009

Baker and .......... Brooklyn

We are so happy to be having a little girl! We were both in complete shock when the lady doing the ultrasound told us there was no little boy parts so she was pretty sure that this little tumbler would be coming out a girl. I was so set that I was just going to have boys and I had made myself Ok with that. So to find out we would have one of each filled our hearts with so much love! Cheesy I know but so true. We feel so complete. We already had a name picked out so that part was easy. Baker was actually going to be a Brooklyn if he was a girl. We still really love that name so thats what it is. Brooklyn Glory Basel. No we dont love B names it just worked out that way and actually if this tumbler was a boy we would have named him Parks. So see no crazy B thing. Tyson has actually let me do the nursery, which if anyone knows him is a huge thing for him to give over. He does the decorating in our house! So I have chosen butterflys and stuck with the oranges and greens that were in Bakers nursery but added a little pink. Ill have pics up as soon well actually not to soon. I think the crib and everything will be here in November so thats when we will be switching Baker over to his new room and finishing the nursery. So thats the baby update for you. The picture above is me at about 23 weeks. Im huge but feeling good. Baker keeps me going even when I don't want to... And with that on to
Time flys with this guy. Baker is about to be 26 months and is so big! He seems to grow an inch every day and comes up with more fun games to play than Mommy could ever think of. This kid has such an imagination, I have no idea where he gets that from. One minute he is stomping around like a big dinasour and than he is under the blankets pretending to hide from scary monsters. Baker has been very lucky latley, thanks to Grandma Dana working at Rancho Villa, Daddy has been home a lot so he gets double attention most of the day. We try and go to the park everyday or at least on a long walk because this kid has more energy than I know what to do with. I cant wait for him to start pre-school next summer and get a full day of action. He is very social so I know he will love it.
Baker has no idea that a baby is on the way, but he hasnt really seen to many little babies. I have no idea how he will react when she comes but Im hoping for the best.
Baker's best friend is his cousin Emiliano who he calls "mo mo" I have to hear him say that about 20 times a day. He is always looking for him and wondering if he is going to be at Grandmas when we go over there to visit. Emiliano is 5 and sometimes get annoyed with Baker's baby games but always gives him a hug and kiss when he leaves and that's good enough for Baker. Here is some pics of Bakers adventures latley. We had the fair and than we went to the corn maze with my cousin Jay and his wife and thier 2 kids. Baker had a blast at both.


Jimmy said...

Nice work Kris, I didn't know you still had a functioning keyboard and camera.

I'm sure we'll see you this weekend sometime.

Lea said...

Congrats on Brooklyn!!! And Baker is getting to be such a big boy, so cute. I always love reading your posts.

Joe and Gina said...

Yeah, we are so happy for you both! We can't wait for Brooklyn to arrive! I had a gift here for her for Tyson to take but he never came so I'll pop it in the mail. Can't wait to see the nursery, I'm sure it will be the cutest! Love you guys!