Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Days
A couple of weeks ago we went to our local Pumpkin patch. The last two years Baker has been really excited to see all the pumpkins. The first 5 minutes is usually him running around trying to pick up every pumpkin in the place and trying to get us to take them all home. This year we quickly picked out 3 pumpkins and than moved on to the huge slide that Baker could do all alone this year. He ran up and down this thing about 15 times. I was glad he could do it alone because Mommy tried one time and realized that I would not be climbing up to the top of the slide more than once this year. After all that sliding Baker was ready to go home take and nap and than Carve our pumpkins. We carved them a little early because one guy is completely falling in and the other one is molded so it looks like daddy will get to carve one more before Halloween.

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