Sunday, August 9, 2009

2 and something New!

First off I want to say Im sorry for taking so long to actually blog. I have been exhausted and am actually starting to feel like myself again. So I am hoping to keep everyone up to date better while I can!
So I think everyone knows but for you that don't.............We are having a baby :) I'm about 16 weeks pregnant and after a long road to get here we are ready to announce we are going to have a baby January 21st. Baker has no idea and could really care less at this point but Tyson and I are so excited and cant wait to find out if we are having a little boy named Parks or a little girl named Brooklyn. We really have no prefrence. We will keep you all up to date as we find out more details on the littlest Basel.
Baker turned 2 years old over the last weekend and like always I couldn't just celebrate with a simple get together. I tried to go all out and hopefully all the kids that were here had a great time. We had a monkey themed party and there were about 15 kids and there parents here to celebrate with some cupcakes, subs and a water slide! It was super hot, 103 degrees, but all the parents and kids stuck it out to help throw Baker a great party. Baker's favorite part was the cupcakes and listening to everyone singing him "happy birthday".
We couldn't have done it without the Hinton's who came and stayed with us for the weekend from Snohomish. They helped do everything from dishes to decorating to running around like crazy people trying to make sure everything was picked up and put up before party time. You guys are great friends!
Here is the important part.........Lots of Baker Pics :)


Lea said...

Congrats on your baby news! I hope it was easier this time around. Baker is turning into such a cute little boy now! Take care.


The Hunter Family said...

Looks like a fun party! Happy belated b-day to Baker!!