Tuesday, May 12, 2009

21 months and Mother's Day!

21 months

Baker turned 21 months this month and I really just can not believe how fast this has gone. Even though I swear he is 2 by the way he has been acting latley. He is pretty spoiled and does not like to be told no or have to sit still for more than 2 seconds unless he is watching Handy Manny or Disney Playhouse, than he will sit forever if needed. Which does not help when we are stuck somewhere like a restaurant with no TV. Im thinking hold on Kristin this will get better. He will not be the worst child on earth forever. At the same time I always go to bed thinking just how lucky we are. He always seems to surprise us by how smart he is. And if he thinks he hurts his mommy he is always there to give me a great big kiss and a hug.

Tyson and I have been worried about his lack of actual words. He has NO problem getting his point acrossed and actually communicates with screaming very well. We usually know what he is trying to say. But where are the words, the real words. So I got out a pen and paper and followed Baker around all day and tried to count all the words that he really knows. I was surprised by the amount that he can say really well. It was over 30 which is normal for a boy his age. I didnt think he had 10 :) I guess I just forget he says words with all the screaming in between them.

Happy 21 months buddy even though I am a little late with this one.

Mothers Day 2009

I had a wonderful Mother's day with Baker and Tyson. We go to the horse races every mothers day because it is somewhere that I can do 2 of my favorite things in one place. Gamble and be a mom. Baker loves seeing the horses race and he even helps me pick out the good horses. He would sit up in the stands with me and yell "GO GO GO" thats one of his words he knows TO WELL. After the horse races we came home and Tyson cooked me a crab dinner and gave me a super cute cake that we ate in bed after Baker was a sleep. Being Bakers Mom is probably the biggest blessing in my life. He makes everday a great day, and loves me even when Im having a bad day.


Joe and Gina said...

how sweet of Tyson... the cake is adorable. I can't believe Baker is 21 months already... crazy!!

Joe and Gina said...

love bakers cowboy hat by the way, I hope it's coming with you guys this weekend... cant' wait to see you!

Jimmy said...

Where can i get a hat like that Kris?

april said...

happy late mothers day:) i'm glad you had an awesome one! that cake is so cute.