Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Hello everyone, Can you believe I am actually blogging and getting pictures up the day after I took them. I cant! I'm still a little surprised myself. But Baker looked so cute yesterday I had to post these quickly. Especially because all these other "Super Mom's" got pics up last night. Ok Kristin Get to the point.

Here are the pics :)

Baker with some of his second Cousins (Kevin, Baker and Jovie) They are all really close in age and I love that we all live in the same town!

Kevin and Baker trick or treating downtown Walla Walla

Baker is the Flash and his super hero cousin Emiliano is Iron Man. Baker couldnt keep his mask on

Flash as a baseball player :)

Baker was having so much fun in the leaves with Emo.

After a long night of being flash he decided to give it up and switch to superman :0)

And he finished the night with a little beerpong with dad!
P.S. I have a couple videos that I want to share but they take so long to upload on this thing that I am going to put them up on youtube. If your interested search Baker Samuel Halloween and you will find all Bakers famous videos :)
Thanks and I hope everyone had a great Halloween.


Joe and Gina said...

I am impressed Kristin! Baker is adorable as always... looks like a fun Halloween!

april said...

beer pong? haha! i've never actually played but i hear it's a blast! baker's costumes are both so cute. i'm glad we got to see you guys. jovie's still been coughing this morning but i'm sure she'll be fine by this weekend if you wanna get the kiddies together to play...i think sat. or sun. is fine with us...

Joe and Gina said...

so what have the basel's been up to? It's about time for a new post girly! :) Miss you guys!! Give my little man XOXO's!

april said...

hey missy do you realize you haven't posted since HALLOWEEN!? i know you're a busy woman but i want to see new pics! :)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! thanks for the cute card. here's to your christmas wishes coming true!

oo also i keep forgetting about that swimming lesson info. i'll email your right now so i wont forget again!