Monday, January 26, 2009


I cant belive it has been almost 3 months since I have blogged! I know I'm terrible, but I do have a 17 month old that is on the move! Baker has gotten so big and is really into everything. Its been so long I cant even think of all the fun things Baker has started doing. He tells hilarious stories that only he can understand, and than cracks up when he is all done. Which in turn makes everyone else laugh just as hard. He RUNS, hits a ball off a tee, climbs up everything or down everything, is down to one nap a day, Loves his cousin Emo, eats at the table with the rest of the family, eats everything, gives kisses goodbye when he is ready to go somewhere, rode on a snowmobile and loved it, is just a super duper awesome kid. I really could go on and on about how great I think he is :) But Im sure pictures will be more appreciated.

Baker playing his guitar. He really loves music

Baker showing all his teeth. He is up to 12 teeth now but his top k-9 teeth are poking out a little too.

Baker and Emo early moring before Church. These two really love eachother.

Bakers favorite toy. A box! But Tyson and I built him a big fort with boxes and he doesnt like it. He just wants one small box.

Batter up. Baker loves playing all sports. Baseball and hockey are his favorite at the moment.


Joe and Gina said...

he is so darn cute I just can't get over it. I love the guitar pic... and love that he loves music so much. I can't wait to see him again, soon!! I'm going to talk to Joe about coming over sometime before Hailey's bday. Hailey is wearing 9-12 months now. I have a feeling she'll be walking just about the same time Baker started; she doesn't have any balance quite yet. I'm excited for her to walk and not so at the same time. Especially hearing how Baker is into EVERYTHING! :) He's growing up so fast! Give him a big kiss for us. Love ya guys!

april said...

it's about time you posted! :)

thanks for the new pics. he looks bigger since his christmas card pic! man they grow fast. i'm glad you told me about how he only likes the one little box because matt was gonna make a big playhouse out of a box but maybe we can save the trouble and just keep giving her little boxes. lol.

..soo.see.. said...

omg!! baker is adorable!! he's so cute and big! incredible how time flies! enjoy your little man, xo