Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Fun with Baker

>Sorry everyone. I know its been awhile since I have blogged. Like I've said before I'm not the best at keeping up with things. I get stuck on myspace and next thing you know an hour has passed Baker is up from his nap and I don't have time to blog. But Baker has been doing some really fun stuff and I wanted to share them with everyone.
Baker has started a fun music, dance, activity class that he does once a week. I get to do it with Baker so it is great bonding time for me and him and he LOVES running around and playing with other kids which we don't get much time for since he stays at home with me or Tyson all day. Baker is learning a bunch of new skills there. The teacher is great with the kids and teaches the parents why she is doing certain things. Its so much fun I wish it was more than once a week. Its the first class I have found that is for kids as young as Baker. I have been trying to get him into something so this was perfect. He plays music instruments (his favorite part) he does obstacle courses which he also loves, nursery rhymes and practices taking turns (not his favorite part) but he is pretty good at it surprisingly. He only cries when it is time to leave.:)
Dog park
We have also been going to the NEW dog park that got put in about a half a mile from our house. We take Baker and the "BOYS" down there as much as we can and let the dogs really run. The other day we went and there was about 20 other big dogs there. So I have to hold Baker most of the time. But today we went and our dogs were the biggest so we let Baker down to roam with the dogs :) He loved it and found a dirt pile to dig in so he fit right in with the dogs. He has just turned into a little boy all of a sudden. He is so much fun.
Here are pics from the park and videos from Jitterbug. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Baker playing at Jitterbug

We do our stretches at Jitterbug :)

Can't get much cuter than him :)

Baker with Fletcher and Bruiser "The boys"

Baker is excited to be outside. He cant get enough of it.

At the dog park. Baker has so much fun here. He loves all the dogs, but especially his!


Joe and Gina said...

Jitterbug sounds like so much fun! I love his hat - so cute!! And I bet the boys love the dog park!

The Hunter Family said...

That class sounds like so much fun! I'll have to look into if they have something like that around here when Cal gets older. And that hat is adorbale. I love fun hats! Cal is getting more and more mobile by the day and is getting into everything... I have a feeling he'll skip crawling and go right to walking like Baker. He wants to be on his feet at all times and is showing no interest in crawling.