Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A new comitment!

I am so sad when I look back at my previous blogs and realize I really droped the ball on this blog when Brooklyn was born. I have let the past 2 years go by without really blogging at all. We have done so much and came so far and non of it really documented. So starting today I am making a new comitment to my blog. I think its something the kids will look back at years from now and really appreciate all that it has to offer. Now the big question, do I try and go back and make up for lost time or start fresh. Ive been thinking about this for awhile which then leads me to put this off even longer. So Im just going to jump in, start typing and see where this leads. Hoping to be able to sit down and write at least once a week is my goal. I guess Ill do a little make up info in each one. Today I decided Id write a little bit about each kid, where they are now and what they are up to.
he is 41/2 and is a complete video game nut. He loves playing x-box and is actually really good at it. I do have to usually fight him to get off and do other activites though. Its always a battle at our house of how much technology is to much. Tyson is always into the latest gadgets like ipads, iphones and anything else starting with an i. Which gives our kids access to all types of fun games. Some are learning some are for fun but Baker is usually realy good at all of them. Other fun things he likes to do is swim. He is in swim class at the Y and really loves being underwater and doing the starfish on his back. If he could just learn to float he would really be swiming. He is more like a rock and sinks to the bottom. He has a lot of energy but is so easy. I couldnt ask for a better boy at home. He has a little trouble foucsing at school but he is very smart. He knows most of his letters and the sounds they make. He loves his sister very much and lets her get away with taking his toys or stealing his food. She is lucky to have him.
She is hilarious. She is very vocal and tells us exactly what she wants, or doesnt want. We have started potty training which has been an adventrure. She does pretty good most of the time and then she will just decide she is going to pee her pants. I know she is more than capable of telling us when she needs to go potty but she will not be forced to do anything. She is so full of love. She is always giving us lots of kisses and hugs and telling us how she loves us. The problem is she wants to be the center of attention and sometimes gets angry when we have to give attention to other kids. she is in a gymnastics and really does good. They work on the balance beam, the bars and the floor. She looks so cute in her leaotard and tights. We are signing her up for another session and really think this is something she will enjoy later in life as well.

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