Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hawaii and Halloween

This year we went to Maui for our family vacation. We have been planning this trip since Brooklyn was born and we were more then ready 9 months later when we finally got to go. The Jones Family went with us so that was great for Baker because they have a 3 year old boy, Kevin. Those two always have a great time together.
We left on a Sunday to Portland so that we could fly out early Monday morning. The plane ride was good and Brooklyn was way better than I expected and Baker slept on the floor of the plane for at least half the trip! We got to Maui around 2 pm Monday and Brooklyn was throwing-up by 3pm. The trip didn't start off the best since Brooklyn had the flu but 24 hours later she was feeling back to normal and our vacation could really start.
Baker loved the beach and we were lucky it was only a short 3 minute walk away. He spent as much time as he could running in the waves. Baker was not scared one little bit, which was scary at times. He would run into the water get hit by a wave, fall down, and then get right back up and do it again. Brooklyn liked the water the last day we were there and we wished we could have stayed another week. We really didn't do any activities with 3 small children planning anything was out of the question. So our vacation consisted of Beach, Pool, and Tommy Bahamas, which is where the Adults took turns going for drinks while the kids were napping. If you ask me it was a perfect vacation. The flight back was a complete disaster but I'm trying to forget that so that I will want to travel again with my children! We are seriously already planning our next trip to Maui!
We got back from our trip
just in time for Halloween. I love Halloween and am so happy that Baker shares the same love. He has been talking about pumpkins and trick or treating since we went to the pumpkin patch and still to this day tries to hunt down all the pumpkins while we drive around. He was Spiderman this year which seems to be a popular choice for 3 year old boys since we had a few friends with little spiderman's too. Brooklyn was a Pig which my mom wasn't to happy about at first but then she had to admit that Brooklyn made the cutest little pig ever. We had a great day with the Gisi's doing Halloween games and decorating cookies and finished up the night with some Trick-or-Treating. Baker carried around his trick-or-treat bag for a couple days after until it finally ripped. He was happy to trade all his candy in for some toys around the house. He didn't really care what was in the bag as long as it was FULL! I wonder how long I can pull that off? Overall a great month of October and I'm already looking forward to next year!

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Jon said...

ROUGH life Kris....I love the pics though.

What you doing for Christmas, I want to come see your tree!!!!!