Monday, September 8, 2008

Lots to Post

First Coug Game

Baker attended his first ever Cougar Football game 2 weekends ago at Qwest Field. We are so lucky to have great friends in Seattle that let us stay at their house all weekend, the Hintons! We love you guys tons. Baker and Hailey had as much fun as Hailey could possible have being only 3 1/2 months old. Baker loved her a lot and talked to her in this really pitch voice. I think he was trying to be sweet but who knows. Baker really loved their dog Emma who is also a golden retriever and Baker felt right at home chasing her around. I know she was more then ready for us to leave on Monday. We headed down to the coug game Saturday Morning and had Baker all "couged out" he was adorable :). He loved the game and actually let us watch the whole first half without getting up once. I was impressed since he is only 1 and doesn't sit still at all! We walked around a lot the second half and showed Baker all the stuff at Qwest field. Also a lot of drunk Cougar girls wanted to take Bakers pictures so he really thought he was the star and loved EVERY minute of it. We had so much fun but were more then ready to get back to Joe and Gina's after the game. P.S. I don't recommend driving in the same car with a 3 1/2 month old and a one year old in Seattle traffic :)

Hailey and Baker getting ready for the big game

The girls and our babies! Except mine is a little heavier.

Baker hanging out at the coug game. Loving all the attention

One happy Cougar family

During the same weekend we were lucky enough to get tickets from some of Gina and Joe's good friends for Bumbershoot. (Thanks Ian and Julie) I had never been and had no idea what bumbershoot was. I soon realized it was a BUNCH of concerts going on in one local spot. It was like a high class fair I guess. At that moment I was remembering how much fun it was not to have children. I would have loved this place about 2 years ago. But pushing a stroller and a crabby baby around a very crowded place made it not quite the same. Non the less we saw some really great performers and had a good lunch and then drove back to Joe and Gina's and had some really great sushi. :)

Wine Stomp Weekend
After a long weekend in Seattle it was nice to stay home for a weekend and relax. Every year Tyson's parents winery has a grape stomping event for all the Basel Cellars Wine Members. No we aren't members but we got the family connection :) This is pretty much a fun wine party where half of the proceeds go to charity and everyone has a really good time. There is a band and appetizers and lots of grape stomping. This year baker got to get in on the stomping and loved it so much! We can't wait until next year!

Baker's first step into the grapes.

He loved it so much he wanted his clothes off and to sit right down in them.

People thought it was so cute they were helping me pose Baker.

And the result is a ruined onsie but believe me it was well worth it. He had so much fun.


Joe and Gina said...

How funny, I bet he LOVED the grapes! I miss you Baker (so does Hailey & Emma)

Joe and Gina said...

K, I'm having Baker withdrawls! Do you know yet if you're going to the game this weekend? I hope so! So, I know Baker is runnin' you ragged...but try to get some pics up on here sista! ;)