Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun New Pictures

Baker Rocking Daddy's hat

Silverwood with Auntie Bri. Baker went on his first ride. Daddy had a panic attack on the side line:) But Baker loved the rides.

Than he got to meet Garfield. Baker probably thought all the kids were looking at him. He loves being the center of attention.

Baker had a Slumber Party with Emiliano here they are playing the drums.

Here they are ready for bed. My two favorite boys!


Joe and Gina said...

there is my handsome little man! He keeps getting cuter & cuter. I also love the youtube videos, it makes me want to hop in the car and head to Walla-Walla! :)

The Hunter Family said...

We missed you guys in Pullman! We'll all def. be back in 18 years for Mom's weekend!! Baker is such a cutie.